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Discover the Power of Personalized Skincare Facials

Acne Facial with LED Therapy $185

Our most effective treatment for targeting acne and also preventing future breakouts. This deep cleansing facial will detoxify and aid in removing bacteria. The use of LED Light will be used to heal and calm breakouts for your clearest skin yet!

Classic European Facial $125

A revitalizing deep cleansing facial designed as a purifying treatment. This relaxing and classic facial includes customized cleansing, exfoliation, extractions as needed, and a personalized mask.

Gentleman’s Facial $125

Customized for a gentleman’s specific needs, including everyday stressors, toxins, and shaving irritation. This is an ideal facial that clarifies, exfoliates, soothes and balances.

Calming Facial $155

This calming and comforting treatment is the optimal choice for skin types prone to irritation. We use a special Swiss plant extract formula which will help heal, nourish and calm skin. Ideal for those with Rosacea and sensitivities.

Eden Organic Facial $150

Embrace the goodness of nature with our pure and organic skincare line customized for your skin type. This treatment will nourish, hydrate, protect and restore skins natural balance.
Perfect for a Mother-to -be!

Hydro-Therapy Facial $220

Dramatically improve congested, dehydrated, and sun damaged skin with this unique skin clearing treatment using an exclusive water-oxygen technology with the infusion of nutrient-rich boosters that are customized for your specific skin type.

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