Monthly Specials

eden day spa Father-s Day Specials

As Fall emerges this month, we are reminded that a new season marks a new beginning. The same way nature prepares for the changing weather, we must do the same for our skin and body. This months specials focus on rejuvenation, exfoliation, and renewal.

Cupping Massage

Our extremely talented Massage Therapist, Gina Maria can add Cupping in combination with massages to give you the ultimate healing your body deserves. Gina Maria has trained in Eastern, Western and Ayurvedic modalities to create a unique style that works wonders for each client she sees. Each Cupping session with her begins by cocooning the body in a deeply calming bubble of tranquility. Utilizing deep breathing and a short guided meditation with hands on techniques gathered from a multitude of modalities, she creates an environment to allow the Root Chakra to reset the nervous system and employs techniques to ease stubborn knots and leave each body feeling healed, relaxed, and rejuvenated.