advanced & anti-aging

Advanced & Anti-Aging Treatments


Purchasing a series of all Advanced Facial treatments will give you the most effective and beneficial results, as well as significant discounts on a series of 3 to 12 treatments.

Cold Plasma Therapy $550

An excellent anti-aging therapy that heals skin and provides long lasting results. This is one of the latest European technologies that has numerous effects with its vibrating energy. Cold Plasma is an extremely effective yet calming treatment that penetrates to a deeper cellular level.

Hyaluronic Lifting Method $750

The most advanced European Hyaluronic skin tightening and firming treatment using infrared cold laser technology. Pure hyaluronic is transported into deeper skin layers, replacing depleted moisture cells naturally. Ideal as a wrinkle prevention treatment. Skin will feel tighter, smoother, and appear lifted. Great alternative to fillers and botox!

No Needle Meso Therapy $295

No Pain. No Needle. No side effects. No downtime!
Reduce wrinkles, increase hydration and improve skins texture with this effective treatment that penetrates tiny “medicinal bullets” which are inserted directly to the middle layer of skin.

Age Reversal Treatment (ART) $400

ART is the most intensive, leading edge European Anti-Aging treatment designed by doctors and biologists in Germany. The Bio-Roller technology provides long-lasting effects to regenerate collagen formation to effectively reduce wrinkle depth and provide overall smoothness.

Hydrabrasion Facial $385

Experience flawless skin with our exclusive treatment from Germany. This revolutionary method incorporates key intensive functions that work together to combine the great benefits of hydro-fusion, lymphatic drainage, and photo rejuvenating red and blue lights. Notice visible results with the reduced appearance of expression lines, discoloration, hydration, and firming.

Dermio Oxygen $235

Once considered a secret among celebrities, this latest European Oxygen Therapy is ideal for dull, dehydrated, and tired skin. Experience an instant infusion of oxygen to help restore skin's luminosity, tone, and firmness. This is an ideal treatment for both men and women prior to going to a special event as skin will be re-hydrated and have that perfect glow!

Vibraderm Facial $220

The preferred alternative to Micro-Dermabrasion without the use of crystals. Vibraderm significantly improves the tone and texture of skin as it repairs years of sun damage. The vibration therapy stimulates the production of new collagen, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and acne/scarring. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and rosacea.


The Ultra Lift is the latest in non-invasive cosmetic procedures that uses ultrasound technology to tighten and sculpt the face and neck. Unlike Ultherapy or other tightening methods, you actually are able to see results immediately but they just get better over time and there are no side effects! Shirley offers this unique treatment and has been performing it for the past few years with clients raving about the results they have seen.

Ultra Face Lift: $980

Tighten the skin around your neck using ultrasound technology to make it smoother and reduce the look of a double chin.

Ultra Neck Lift $750

Tighten the skin around your neck using ultrasound technology to make it smoother and reduce the look of a double chin.

Ultra Eye Lift$580

Gently tighten the skin around your eyes to help reduce signs of aging and eye bags.

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