Ready to upgrade your life? Meet Lailee – your personal guide to realistic dietary goals, makeup tips, and wardrobe essentials. Whether you're a mom on the go that's seeking healthier meal choices, a young lady navigating the world of makeup, or at an age where you just want a change, Lailee is here for you. From teaching you how to make healthy meals, to curating a personalized makeup routine, and redefining your wardrobe to match your unique style- RESET may be just what you need!

FOOD: If you are ready to start eating healthy and need help getting started, then Wholesome Pantry with Meal Guidance Combo would be a great option for you. Lailee will come to your home to help remove many/ all of the unhealthy foods that ultimately damage your health to healthier options that will better serve your well being. She can help organize your fridge and pantry as well as show you how to make simple, nutritious meals for yourself, friends, and family.

MAKEUP: If you're navigating the world of makeup, Lailee provides sisterly advice, organizes your vanity, and suggests the best application techniques and colors tailored to enhance your natural beauty. She can also recommend products that will be most beneficial for your specific features and teach you simple tips and tricks that you can use daily or on special occasions. Lailee will also help you declutter and remove old and outdated makeup that can harbor bacteria and toxins. If you are interested in personalized makeup mastery and organize glamour for yourself, tween, or tween then Glam & Organize would be the right option for you.

WARDROBE: For those feeling overwhelmed by wardrobe choices, Lailee brings order to your closet and helps you discover outfits that perfectly complement your unique style. Sometimes we have clothes in our closet that we never wear for various reasons. Without knowing it, these items are not bringing you the joy you deserve to have when you look at your wardrobe. Lailee will work with you to go over items such as clothes, shoes, purses, and various accessories that you both mutually decide on what to donate and what you can make use of. She will help organize and upgrade your wardrobe and suggest items that will look best on you. If you are ready to say goodbye to outdated clothes and confusion, and hello to an organized, upgraded wardrobe that brings you joy, then Closet Couture would be a great option to bring about that positive change.


Hourly rate: Does not include cost of products/ingredients

Consultation: $75 (30 min session): The cost of the consultation will go towards your service if you choose to schedule. Uncover the areas of your life longing for a RESET. Together, Lailee and you will explore your goals and challenges to create a tailored plan for a revitalized and balanced lifestyle. We recommend you bring in current pictures of your pantry, fridge, makeup, and/or closest to the consultation.

Wholesome Pantry with Meal Guidance Combo: Lailee offers personalized meal guidance with hands-on training to teach you how to make simple, convenient and nutritious food options in addition to revamping your pantry. $150

Pantry/ Fridge Audit Only: $135
Meal Guidance Only: $150

Glam & Organize: Don't know where to start when it comes to makeup? Lailee will help you discover personalized makeup techniques that enhance your features, complementing your unique style. Plus, she can help you declutter and organize your existing makeup collection, ensuring every product you will use serves you. Unleash your radiant self with makeup mastery and a clutter-free beauty space! $135

Closet Couture: How many times have you said "I have nothing to wear!?" Lailee goes beyond decluttering — she curates an organized wardrobe that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Start loving your wardrobe again with an upgraded wardrobe that inspires confidence every day. $135

Queen Teen (ages 12-17): Empower the next generation of young women with Lailee's insightful guidance. Unlock two transformative hours with Lailee to navigate projects to equip your tween or teen with skills in making healthy food choices, makeup application, and/or wardrobe functioning. You and your tween/teen can decide what you would like to do during the two hours. $250


Lailee's journey began as a child growing up in Los Angeles, California, where her mother, Katayoun, was a distinguished Medical Esthetician and one of the first women to open a Medical Spa. Growing up surrounded by the allure of the beauty industry, Lailee spent her after-school hours immersed in the world of aesthetics – observing the intricacies of waxing, facials, and makeup applications.

Her inadvertent apprenticeship fueled Lailee's passion for the creative realm, prompting her to pursue higher education at The Art Institute of California in San Francisco, where she earned her BS and earned a well-deserved spot on the Dean's List. Inspired by her mother's path, Lailee ventured into beauty school in San Francisco, obtaining her Esthetician License and honing her skills as a Makeup Artist.

Her artistic journey extended beyond the realm of beauty, as Lailee delved into color analysis courses, providing her with expertise in guiding clients on the most flattering colors and patterns. Balancing her roles as an esthetician and makeup artist, Lailee seamlessly transitioned into wardrobe consulting and personal shopping.

After she got married and had children, Lailee redirected her creative energy toward crafting wholesome, organic meals for her family, leveraging her passion for food. As a devoted foodie, she championed the art of making healthy options delectable, primarily focusing on gluten-free and organic cuisines for her loved ones.

Recently, Lailee completed a Nutrition Science course through Stanford University, enriching her understanding of the intricate relationship between nutrition and well-being. She was fortunate to have learned from the world's most incredible mentors including Professor Marion Nestle and Professor Christopher Gardner.

Motivated by her diverse experiences, Lailee founded RESET, a platform aimed at empowering girls and women by fostering health and beauty from the inside out. Her journey reflects a dedication to holistic well-being, seamlessly blending her expertise in aesthetics, nutrition, and fashion to inspire and uplift others.