Hair Removal

Experience smooth beautiful skin after our hair removal treatments .

Remove unwanted hair with one of our select options


We are one of the few spas that offer this ancient form of hair removal. Hair is lifted from the root without damaging the skin. This is a gentle method that promotes slower hair growth and finer hair. It is recommended for most skin skin types including clients using Retin A and glycolic skin care products.


Sugaring: A method of removing unwanted hair without wax strips. This hypo allergenic method is all natural and bacteria resistant. It helps eliminate ingrown hairs with minimal discomfort and irritation. Safe for most skin types including sensitive skin

Brows $35
Upper Lip $20
Chin $20
Sides of Face $30
Full Face $65
Underarm $35
1/2 Arm $45
Full Arm $65
Bikini Line $50
Extended Bikini $60
Brazilian $75+
1/2 Leg $60
Full Leg $90
Full Back $80+
Half Back $55+
Chest $55+


Our experienced Estheticians use the best hot and cold wax to provide perfectly cleaned and shaped brows and smooth skin.

Facial Hair Removal

Brow Design $25
Upper Lip $15
Sides of Face $20
Chin $15
Full Face $50+
Combination Brow, Lip, Chin $55
Combination Brow & Full Face $70

Body Hair Removal

Half Arm $40
Full Arm $50
Half Leg $45
Full Leg $70
Under Arm $25
Bikini Line $45
Extended Bikini $55
Brazilian $65+