body treatments

Influenced by customs from around the world


Body Glow $75

An all-natural sunless tanner made with antioxidants and pure botanicals, leaving the skin radiant with a natural looking golden brown glow.

Body Polish $85

Choose from our blend of organic fruit or sea salts mixed with essential oils that buff away dead skin, revealing fresh, silky skin. Followed by a hydrating body milk application to lock in moisture, this treatment leaves the skin looking and feeling radiant

Herbal Firming Body Wrap with Infrared Blanket $185

Rejuvenate and soothe your senses with this Swiss Secret body treatment that tightens, lifts and firms. After a thorough exfoliation, we enwrap your body with a warm, aromatic lifting and firming crème. Recommended for weight loss clients.

Turkish Body Peel $145

Discover an ancient Turkish tradition used in “Hammam”. Using a hand woven loofah and liquid gommage imported from Turkey, this treatment exfoliates away dead skin and deeply moisturizes leaving the skin soft and glowing.

Natural Lipo-Body Firming $250/area

A unique method of focused fat reduction. A vacuum-lymph-pulsation massage stimulates the lymph flow; high concentrations of enzymes are infused deep within the skin resulting in the tightening of tissue and smoothing of the skins surface.