luxury add-ons

Luxury Beyond Measure


24 Karat Gold Collagen Mask $95

With gold powder and silk extract, facial treatments don’t come any richer than this one! This high-performance mask moisturizes, hydrates, and helps whiten skin and reduce melanin.

Lifting Eye and Neck Treatment $75

Enhance your lips naturally with our exclusive European Hyaluronic-LED light treatment. Increases volume in lips to give you plumped, voluminous lips without the injection.

Caviar, Retinol, & Peptide Eye & Lip $95

Backed by years of intensive research, this Swiss treatment is the most complete remedy for fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.


Anti-Aging Hand Treatment $55

Silky Hands and Feet Mask $50

Hydro Infusion $75

Lip Mask $25

Clear Light Treatment $75

Confidence begins here. This safe and effective acne-clearing treatment uses LHE MicroPhototherapy to deliver a clear and beautifully radiant complexion. Clear light therapy sends gentle pulses of light and heat energy deep into your pores to destroy acne-causing bacteria and relieve inflammation. Perfect for skin types prone to breakouts and acne.

L.E.D. Light Therapy $75

Using NASA technology, this activated rejuvenation system utilizes high ranging intensity LED lights to target acne, rosacea, fine lines, and pigmentation.

Collagen Mask $35

Personalize your facial by including this add-on

Eye Mask $25

Personalize your facial by including this add-on

Chemical Peel $65

Customized to the special needs of each client, a range of peels are offered to correct and improve various skin conditions. Type and frequency of peel is determined after a skin evaluation.

Green Peel / Light & Bright Peel / Glycolic Peel / Lactic Peel / Peptide Peel / Rosacea Peel / Certified Organic Peel / Oxygen Peel

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